Domestic Ironing Price List and Price Calculator

  These prices are effective from 30 January 2015 and are subject to change without prior notice.


Pillow Cases 70p


Sheet £1.60
Duvet Cover £2.00


Sheet £2.50
Duvet Cover £3.00

King Size

Sheet £3.00
Duvet Cover £3.50

Super King (or Queen) Size

Sheet £3.20
Duvet Cover £4.00


Apron 80p
Cloths/Dusters 50p
Curtains (each) £10.00
Flannel 40p
Handkerchief 40p
Napkins 40p
Tablecloth £2.00
Tea Towel 50p
Towel - Hand 60p
Towel - Bath £1.00

Adult Clothes

Shirts £1.20
Polo shirts £1.20
T-shirts £1.00
Top £1.20
Jumpers £1.20
Cardigans £1.20
Waistcoat £1.20
Tie 60p
Trousers £1.20
Shorts £1.00
Dresses £1.20
Skirts £1.20
Pyjama top £1.20
Pyjama bottoms £1.20
Nightdress/nightshirt £1.20
Coat/jacket £2.50
Scarf 70p
Jeans £1.20
Trousers £1.20

Children's Clothes

Any label that states the child's age or height 80p
Garment cover 75p
Hangers 35p
****Most clothing also can be washed for £0.50 per item. To wash sheets and covers please add £1.50 to ironing price. **We can return shirts on the hangers for £0.35 per hanger and garment rain cover for £1.00 per cover, if the hangers is not provided or is bad weather then the hangers and rain cover will be added automatically to prevent to get wet or smear. *If you give us over £20 worth of ironing then delivery is free (less than £20 delivery cost £5) *Over 5 mile radius minimum £30 charge apply
Ironing by Weight from
Up to and including 3kg in weight £20.00
Up to and including 6kg in weight £32.00
Up to and including 9kg in weight £41.50
Up to and including 12kg in weight £55.00
Up to and including 15kg in weight £67.50
Up to and including 18kg in weight £81.00