Domestic Ironing Services

Our domestic ironing service is very popular with a wide range of people. It couldn’t be simpler to use our service – just follow the guide below.

When you have the minimum order value worth of ironing, call or email us to arrange an ironing slot at your convenience. If we are able to collect your ironing from you, this could be from your home or workplace. If you would like to deliver your ironing to our premises in Church End, London N3 3RD and collect it from us, the minimum order value is reduced to £5.00.

When you contact us to book a collection you will need to provide us with the following information: your name, your address with postcode and a contact telephone number. A mobile telephone number and an email address is also useful.

Please remember to include coat hangers for any items that you want hung. Any items without coat hangers will be returned folded. If you have any special requirements for certain garments please group these together and label them before collection. We often collect more than one customer’s ironing at a time and verbal instructions may be difficult to recall for each customer. It is helpful if you can put your ironing into a bag or a box so that it is easy for us to transport.

We will either discuss delivery times with you at the time of collection or we will telephone you later on to arrange a time. Our turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours but may be longer during busy periods or if your order is exceptionally large.

We will return your items to you or have them ready for you to collect at the pre-arranged time and ask that you make payment on delivery. We prefer cash and can only accept cheques for amounts over £50.00. We do not carry a lot of change so the correct money is always appreciated.

If you are aware that parking is limited outside your home or workplace, please inform us beforehand and advise us of the best place to park. Having your items ready at the time of collection and being ready to receive your items and pay at the time of delivery will help greatly in speeding up our service and ensuring that we are not causing any unnecessary obstruction to neighbours or other road users. Alternatively, please consider dropping your ironing off and picking your ironing up from us. We have parking outside our property

We understand that your circumstances can change. If you will be unavailable at the pre-arranged collection or delivery time, please could we ask that you give us as much notice as possible. If we arrive to find that no one is available, we will either charge a fee of £5.00 for making the journey a second time or will require that you collect your ironing from us.

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more detailed information on our Domestic Ironing service.

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Regular Collection and Delivery Slots

For those customers who prefer some consistency with their collections and deliveries, we offer regular slots on the basis that suits you best.shirts ironed Some customers prefer weekly collections while others find that two-weekly collections better fit their needs. Regular collections and deliveries can be arranged easily by telephone or email or face to face.

If you have a regular collection and delivery slot booked with us, we ask that you give 24 hours notice should you wish to change or cancel this slot. As with standard collections and deliveries, if we arrive to find that no one is available, we will charge a fee of £5.00 to cover our petrol and time costs.

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